About Our Business
It is about whom you do business with Letourneau Design Associates we are just that
Associates you pay only for those services in which you utilize.

People ask me,  What do you provide?.
Everything you might need and nothing you do not require.
I do not charge mystery fees, my proposals are clear on how I price and they also come
with an estimate of fees for only those items I believe you will need - you are free to choose
your own engineer, landscaper etc.

We recommend - but do not require you use only our contacts !
From a Civil Engineer, Landscape Architect, an Architect, Designers, Developers,
Contractors, and even Project Managers and Painting Contractors.

Our history is an active and evolving part of the design process. This diversity of knowledge
and design training maximizes the value of your project by referring to active records or
previous projects, and using our extensive knowledge base to improve our current work.
This often results in Ideas that can be inter-changeable and lead to more productive and
less expensive solutions

Letourneau Design Associates will bring a fresh approach to the design and planning of
your facility.
We want to make your project an enjoyable process for everyone involved.

The working relationship between a client, Architect, other consultants and the contractor
should be on a mutual level, as a team.  All team members will need to bring their own
valuable pieces of the puzzle to the table, each piece being of equal importance. The
approach to the design of a building should not focus entirely on the functional aspects,
then incorporate the aesthetics for the building within the proposed budget.  

Money should be spent on functional systems and equipment, keeping in mind that "good"
design does not necessarily mean "expensive" design.  It is critical for realistic budgets,
quality levels, marketing data, operating efficiencies and construction schedules to be
developed early in the design process and adhered to throughout the project.  Good design,
along with functional, efficient buildings and site work can be accomplished without
adversely affecting the budget.

Thank you for your interest and continued confidence in the Letourneau Design Associates.
For additional information, please contact Jason directly by calling (612) 599-6044.
About Us